Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mass funeral- for good luck seeking Thai's

At time of political and economical turmoil, as at present day Thailand, many Thai
people are seeking new life and good luck in future. At Buddhist Temple 120 km
from Bangkok there is service for this. At cost for about 4 Euro , plus donation after
you filling, Buddhist monks provide you funeral rites. Trowing all bad luck in you life
by dying and getting reborn again, or just pretending for minute you are dead and
lying in coffin. For one hour and half you attend you own funeral rites where monks
are chanting funeral rites Buddhist chant. After you have to lye down in you own
coffin where monks are chanting everything bad in you old life is gone for minute;
you are getting up from you dead and chant with Buddhist monks that everything in
new life will be good.
There are 2 session in the morning and two in afternoon. On working days about
120 good luck seeking Thai's perform their own funerals. On weekends or days just
before national lotery day, twice monthly, the temple is full with many hundreds of
good luck seeking Thai's.
There are 9 coffins at Temples funeral rites sala (number 9 is lucky number
generally in thai belies). So good luck seeking Thai are on waiting queues one by
one there are dead for minute and after jumping out of coffin as reborn. Price is
affordable so young and old, male and female from all social layers. In the coffins
corner are lucky numbers if you need for lotery to start new life.



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